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Action Tree

Aktion Baum is non-profit organization that has set itself the goal of planting trees - sounds simple right, but it’s more complicated than that. The cost of planting trees is currently very expensive, too expensive. Due to this Aktion Baum has decided to take a more holistic approach with a complete proprietary value chain starting with the cultivation of seedlings, a basic regional concept (Heimat.Wald), and ending with planting. It is probably the most ambitious reforestation project in Germany.

We didn‘t have to be convinced about this project, instead finding ourselves enthusiastic about it from the first minute. Redecker is a corporate partner of Aktion Baum and has participated in this campaign since its founding year. What does this mean? With every sale / purchase of a Redecker product, we, through our valued customers, support the ecologically sensible and natural reforestation in Germany. Hopefully we have also aroused your interest! You can learn more at www.aktion-baum.org and of course help directly with your own personal contribution. We would be delighted! Thank you, as always, for your support.
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Dear friends and customers of Redecker,

A new year – a new look: Our new website and Webshop is officially online!
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We wish all Redecker friends a prosperous new year!

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