Useful helpers in the kitchen

Advice and tricks for everyday work in the kitchen. How to properly use our kitchen products

Useful helpers in the kitchen

Grandma´s knowledge is valuable for every day

Lots of important knowledge about the right tools for your household has been lost on our path into an industrial and throwaway society. There are many old and new ideas in particular for the kitchen that make everyday work a little easier.

Brushing instead of washing

Mushrooms not only lose their taste when you clean them in water, but also their valuable ingredients as well. It is better to remove any sand or soil residues with a brush.
To remove the coarse dirt from mushrooms while still conserving them, the reverse side of our folding knife for mushrooms has sharp bristles for this purpose.

The nutritious part is under the skin

Some types of fruit should not be peeled but rather eaten with the skin because important vitamins lie directly under the peel. Before enjoying these, however, the fruit must be cleaned thoroughly. For this we recommend our fruit brush.

Durable kitchen tools for perfect handling

Olive wood is special not only because of its extraordinarily beautiful grain – it is also extremely hard due to the slow growth of the olive tree. Its high oil content makes it resistant to moisture, easy to grip, and smooth. Our olive wood products are minimally processed. That means they are only waxed or oiled. Please do not put these natural wood items into the dishwasher or treat with scratchy pads or sponges; rather, rinse them off and dry after use. Rub a little olive or sunflower oil into the wood occasionally to preserve 
its colour and natural long life.

Copper makes sensitive surfaces shine!

It has almost been forgotten, the scratch-free cleansing power of copper! Fine copper strands lift even the most stubborn dirt gently – because copper is a soft metal which doesn’t scratch when wet. Our copper products clean pots, pans, sinks, stoves, Ceran cooktops, glass, stainless steel, and much more. They are wonderfully suited to gently and thoroughly remove rust deposits from flatware. They will leave no scratches on enamel or Ceran surfaces and will bring your sink to a high gloss. Do not use on Teflon or other sensitive surfaces, and always use with plenty of water.

For the optimal coffee!

The espresso machine brush cleans coffee grounds quickly and without water from the strainer and the machine. Light or dark coloured firm natural bristles are fixed in an aluminum clamp and the handle is made of oiled beech, or thermowood, and has a leather hanging strap.

For everyday use

Plates and cups can be cleaned quickly and thoroughly using our soft horsehair brush. The stiffer plant fibre is ideally suited for pots and pans. For the best grip, use our pot brush.Our milk bottle brush is particularly suited for the thorough cleaning of milk bottles, baby bottles, thermos flasks, and wheat beer glasses due to its shape. The horsehair bristles are heat resistant and especially gentle on all surfaces. That’s why this brush is the optimal kitchen helper.Quick and easy. Our apple divider made of stainless steel provides clean, consistent slices and keeps you from having to remove the seed housing from each piece.Our vegetable brushes made of beechwood and plant fibre clean every sort of vegetable gently and thoroughly. With a stiffer side for potatoes and root vegetables and a softer side for the more delicate varieties.Mmmm – deliciousHow do you get honey out of a jar without ending up with sticky fingers? It’s easiest with our honey dipper made of untreated beechwood. The grooves allow the honey to stick to the wood so you can neatly move it from jar to bread or teacup.

How can I get that clean?

Whether it’s a champagne flute, floor vase, milk frother tube, Sigg bottle or coffee pot spout—there is a proper brush for everything. You can be sure to find the one you need in our wide range of twisted cleansing brushes.

Read without back strain

Our book holder makes reading easier by slanting the book at the optimal angle. This isn’t simply good for reading recipes in the kitchen, but also for crafting or reading music, or even when the book is simply too heavy. The holder can be folded up to save space when you don’t need it.

Potatoes simply taste best when hot

This is our two-part set made of beechwood for peeling hot potatoes. It consists of a potato pick, so that you don’t burn your fingers on the hot potatoes, and a peeling knife. The tines and blade are made of rust-free stainless steel. The potato pick has many advantages over a simple fork: Its tines are thinner, so that the potatoes do not break apart, and they are arranged in a triangle shape, which gives you more grip on the potato.

Definitely the most environmentally responsible way to remove calcium:

Place Kessy in any container used to heat water. The stainless steel mesh will soon become visibly white, as the calcium contained in the water is absorbed exclusively by Kessy. Then just tap the Kessy clean after it’s dry, and it’s ready to be used again. Heating elements and the bottoms of your pots stay free of calcium without the use of harmful chemicals.

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