Wellness and massage

Create well-being with brushes – it works just great. The natural kind of wellness!

Wellness and massage

Be comfortable and relax with our brushes and soaps

Health depends on well-being. The more old-fashioned term for "wellness". Brushes are the ideal tools for innumerable massage and other treatments – also in combination with sauna.

Natural strokes

Brush massage has been around since there were brushes. Many cultures know about the healing and revitalising effect of natural bristles on the skin. But it is not limited to powerful strokes of the brush to stimulate circulation: A gentle brush massage in particular allows you to experience a perceptible enhancement of your personal wellbeing.

How can I find the right massage brush for me?

Are you looking for a massage brush for dry massage or for the sauna? You can even get both in one brush. important criteria for your choice includes handling and the hardness of the bristles. if you regularly want to include your entire back in the massage then your brush should have a handle - ideally with a firm grip - so the head of the brush cannot fall off even when massaging your back vigorously. the best way to test the hardness of your massage brush is on the inside of your forearm. if it feels nice then those are the right bristles for you!

Different materials and models to suit personal preferences

The materials used for massage tools include: Bristles with various degrees of hardness; horsehair; blends of horsehair and plant fibres; wooden pins; the plant fibre “tampico fibre”; sisal; and knitted flax. All our massage brushes are made of native wood such as beech, pear, or thermo ash wood.

Brush massage (dry brushes)

Dry massage is a wonderful way to stimulate the heart, circulatory system and nerves, but please be sure to observe the following rules: Always begin the massage on the body parts furthest away from the heart - the feet followed by the arms. Massage towards the heart with 3-5 long, strong strokes of the brush. In the area of the abdomen, chest, and back, massage clockwise using smaller, circular strokes. A pleasant, cosmetic side effect of such a massage is a gentle peeling. The massage removes dead cells from the surface of the skin. It is normal for the skin to warm up and redden slightly and a contrast shower after the massage enhances the effect. Dry brushing while you are too cold or hot is not recommended.

Sauna brushes

The sauna has been a cultural institution in Finland for centuries and is considered the source of everything good. High-quality sauna accessories can offer physical relaxation and enhance the positive effects of sauna use. Our brushes make using the sauna a great experience! So what is a sauna without a brush? A pleasant brush massage during your time in the sauna works wonders! Of course you can also use a „sauna brush“ as a dry massage brush in your bathroom at home.

Massage gloves

Massage mitts made of sisal or flax are not just practical for intensive massage but are also ideal for washing. While all products are machine-washable at 60° C, they should not be dried in the dryer.

Massage brush for children

The soft bristles of this brush are ideal for baby and toddler massages. With a motif for children, the brushes are suitable as a massage or bathing brush.

Body Ionic brush (convent brush)

The Body Ionic brush helps you in your quest for physical and mental wellbeing because a massage with this brush results in the build-up of energy. Even daily use for just three minutes is sufficient to revitalise, relax, and promote circulation.
How it works: Positive ions reduce the supply of outside energy to the body. This is why an energy balance should be achieved with negatively charged ions (anions). The Body Ionic brush is an easy way to generate these anions, which are produced due to the molecular structure of the extremely fine bronze wire (a copper-tin alloy).

Anti-cellulite brush

Declare war on orange peel skin! With regular use, the sturdy wood pins can tighten the skin and effectively reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Back Creamer (cream applicator)

Our back creamer (cream applicator) includes an instruction sheet and three cotton wool sample applicator pads.

Instructions for use
1)Take the pad out of the package.
2a)Place pad centered on the flat side of the cream applicator.
2b)Place the metal ring on top of the pad and press onto the rim of the wood base.
3)Apply cream – done!

Soaps made of mare‘s milk

Mare‘s milk is very similar to human breast milk and can therefore be well absorbed by the human body. With a high concentration in vitamins such as vitamin C and vitamin D (17 times higher than cow‘s milk) it is of extraordinary quality, since both vitamins fulfill important tasks for the human skin. Mare‘s milk is also rich in minerals and unsaturated acids, especially essential amino acids, which have long been used successfully in treating inflamed skin.

Soap with sheep‘s milk

Our sheep‘s milk soaps pamper and protect your skin during frequent washing because they are especially gentle. Almond oil and shea butter are also added to the soaps, to increase the nurturing effect even more. All the soaps also contain RSPO certified palm oil, coconut oil, water, perfume, natural sheep‘s milk, shea butter and almond oil. The ingredients are supplemented by individual herbs and scent extracts. Decorative, nurturing and with a very pleasant scent!

Natural sponge

This quality natural sponge is from the Mediterranean and was „harvested“ by hand. Rinse with clean water after each use, gently squeeze dry, and hang up to air dry. Please don’t ever wring it out. Heavily soiled natural sponges can also be wash in the machine up to a maximum of 30 degrees Celsius or disinfected with 70% medicinal alcohol (Isopropanol) – of course, natural sponges are not machine-washable in hot water.

Pumice stone

Proven for thousands of years: pumice stone is the natural way to remove calluses from hands and feet. The pumice stone should not be used dry, but with a small amount of water. Pumice is a natural product made of volcanic lava. Since it hardly wears down, a pumice stone will last for many years.

Loofah soap cushions

Loofah soap cushions have a dual function: the soap stays dry, because wet soap and water remain in the bottom side of the cushions, where they are used again: 
to clean the wash bassin.


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