Hair care

Hairbrushes for long and short hair, for care and combing

Hair care

What good brushes can do for your hair

Bristles or pins? How many rows does my brush need? Hair care needs more than brushing through it in the morning: Long brushing spreads natural care agents produced by the scalp evenly to produce healthy, glossy and magnificent hair!

Hair Care - which brush is right for me?

Proper hair care, but how?When we think of hair care, we think of shampoo, conditioner, and gel. But the effects of a good brush are all too often ignored. Hairbrushes are plentiful – but unfortunately so many of them are of poor quality. Cheap plastic does not belong on our sensitive scalp. Choosing the right brush depends on the type of hair, the length, and also the hairstyle. Basic rule number 1: A hairbrush must be made of natural, healthy materials. Synthetic materials such as plastic damage our hair and scalp over the long term and may even cause injuries or dandruff.Which brush is right for me?Some of us prefer rounded metal pins, others are totally dedicated to the wooden ones, which compared to wild boar bristles, are probably the healthiest for hair. Redecker recommends hairbrushes with four to eight rows for short and medium hair, and brushes with eight to ten rows for longer hair. However, personal preferences always play a role here. The following rule of thumb applies: The longer and thicker the hair, the larger the brush and the longer the bristles.

The brush

The bodys of our hairbrushes are made of wood refined with a natural wax finish. Various types of wood including pear, beech, thermo ash, and olive define our product range. The latter is hard with small pores due to its slow growth. The high proportion of oil makes it water-repellent.A further natural characteristic of our brushes is the bristle stocking material made of wooden pins and animal hair. Wood pins: Anti-static and temperature-regulatingThe wooden pins that constitute the bristles of our hairbrushes are made of sturdy hornbeam. The slender wooden pins are rounded at the ends and offer a gentle, protective, and pleasant pampering of the sensitive skin on the scalp. Moreover, the pins are effectively embedded into the cushion of the brush to prevent needless pulling of the hair, which loosens it at the roots. Also, in contrast to metal pins, the wooden ones hardly absorb heat during blow-drying and have a desirable anti-static effect.Goat hair: Like a gentle caressGoat hair is especially soft and gentle on a baby‘s scalp. For young children, we recommend hairbrushes with soft pig bristles – because the „grownup brushes“ are usually too hard for the delicate skin of children.Wild boar bristles: The best for your hairThe wild boar bristles in our hairbrushes are punched and assembled at various lengths so that your hair is caught at different levels during brushing, which allows for ease of styling. Dust and dirt particles are released from the scalp and hair during brushing. Oil released by the roots, the so-called sebum, is evenly distributed through the hair. This protects against dry, brittle ends and gives hair a natural shine. Wild boar bristles are also extremely heat-resistant, even at high blow-drying temperatures. They have the right hardness for brushing your hair and scalp vigorously yet gently. For those who like it softer, we also offer light, soft bristles as part of our product range.

Brush care

For the optimal cleansing of all of your brushes, use lukewarm soapy water and our special brush cleaner. Using the comb and brush cleaner, you can effortlessly remove all of the hair from your brushes. Simply move the moistened brush cleaner back and forth between the individual rows, effectively removing hairspray residue and other hair care products. Do not immerse your brushes totally in water! After cleansing, dry your brushes with the bristles pointing downward.


Attention: Hot hairdryer!When drying your hair, please ensure that the hairdryer is set to a low temperature. Setting the hairdryer too hot damages the hair structure and quickly looses shape and shine. It is best to only blowdry hair briefly or allow it to air dry. You should also try not to wash your hair daily, since this merely stimulates the sebaceous glands in the scalp into excess production so that hair gets oily much more quickly. Instead an occasional head massage, possibly witha cold pressed plant oil, is good for the hair and scalp.

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