A perfect wet shave means luxury and is the best start to the day.

A wet shave

Start your day like a gentleman

Soap, pots, warm water, a badger hair or even a silver tip brush and a moment of calm – That´s all a gentleman needs to start his day confidently and well-groomed. Followed up with a few drops of a good after-shave lotion…

For the perfect shave in four steps

1. Moisten the skin with warm soapy water and place a towel soaked with hot water on your face for 30 seconds.

2. Thoroughly lay the beard in foam with a good badger‘s hair shaving brush. Let it soak in for 2 minutes!

3. Shave with a sharp and clean blade “the right way” and not too harshly. Start with the sideburns and finish under the throat.

4. Wash your face with clear cold water: that closes the pores. An aftershave or shaving balm disinfects and smoothes the skin. A fresh start for the day!


To maintain the good quality, rinse the shaving brush out with clean water after use, as soap residues can “eat away” the glue. For drying always hang it up!

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