Do-it-yourself with Redecker

Do-it-yourself with Redecker

… then I just do it myself!

Is this already a movement or still a trend? More and more people are realising how satisfying it is to create something with their own hands. From beekeeping to your own bread baking, from preserving to your own line of care products - there is much more to it than just "DIY". Nobody has to go straight to self-sufficiency, but: The distrust in industrially produced goods and the "staying at home" last year have further strengthened this trend. We would like to look at some of the possibilities around the home where we can help with typical Redecker products.

Raised beds and planting products

Gardening. A timeless hobby.
If you´ve never planted your own fruits or vegetables, you should definitely give it a try. A great way to grow chard, carrots or lettuce is using raised beds, which have become increasingly popular in recent years. But why actually? In addition to its comfortable working and harvesting height, a raised bed - if properly installed - keeps pests of all kinds away without using chemicals or poisons: Slugs can be easily deterred with copper tape or coffee grounds, and rodents can be kept from reaching the bed with rabbit wire. Those who take raised bed sustainability seriously use tools made from sustainable materials for gardening, such as the Redecker planting wood or the pricking stick made from untreated beech wood. All enthusiastic gardeners will be happy - even with-out a raised bed! - about the new planting clips and planting plugs. Everything you need for a great time in the garden with the right tools!

Meeting place, forum, place of enjoyment: the village baking oven

Everything used to be better. No! Of course not! But a few things...
Building a large clay wrapped pizza or bread oven in the yard is not that difficult - the internet is teeming with instructions. In the past there were such big ovens in the centre of the village, mostly near the village well. After the oven was heated up, many families could bake their bread there and exchange news and experience a lot of community. Why not revive this wonderful tradition? Build an oven in the garden! Heat it up! Invite all your neighbours and friends to bake delicious breads, pizzas, cakes and much more in the once-heated oven! The thanks and many tasty samples are certain.
Professionals use the Redecker oven slider, the oven broom and - to coat the breads with water or the pastry with butter - of course the Redecker baking brushes. Have fun!

Bee-striker and world saviour: The beekeeper

More and more people in Germany, even in the big cities, are learning and practising beekeeping again.
The situation for the bees has therefore already improved on a small scale, but pesticides, monocultures and the Varroa mite are still affecting the colonies. The right Redecker product for all beekeepers is the bee broom, which has been tried and tested many times in daily use, with which the bees are carefully "stroked down" by the wax plates pulled out of the hive. If you do not necessarily want to become a beekeeper, you can also use the brush for dusting large areas ...


Dear friends and customers of Redecker,

A new year – a new look: Our new website and Webshop is officially online!
All Redecker products and our way of inventing and living can be found on our new website. We invested a lot of work, heart and soul.

Do you have any questions? Send us an email or give us a call during our office hours from 8am to 5pm.

We wish all Redecker friends a prosperous new year!

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