children’s cleaning utensils in sales stand

45 children’s cleaning utensils

Beautiful and space-saving presentation of children’s brooms and dustpans. Easy to carry even when fully equipped – for example in front of your shop.

Filled with:
4 x 010614 children’s indoor broom, horsehair, small
2 x 010622 children’s indoor broom, horsehair, large
4 x 015514 children’s indoor broom, coconut fibre, small
2 x 015522 children’s indoor broom, coconut fibre, large
2 x 012514 children’s mop, tampico fibre, small
2 x 012520 children’s mop, tampico fibre, large
2 x 015014 children’s outdoor broom, bassine fibre, small
2 x 015022 children’s outdoor broom, bassine fibre, large
3 x 014580 children’s rice-straw broom, small
2 x 014511 children’s rice-straw broom, large
10 x 030600 children’s hand brush, horsehair
4 x 037033 children’s dustpan, red
2 x 037011 children’s dustpan, blue
2 x 037022 children’s dustpan, white
2 x 037055 children’s dustpan, green

  • wood
  • Size: 40 x 38 x 58 cm


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